Happy Eid!


“We’ll check the moon tonight”, a  funny remark by my Muslim friend when I asked when is Eid.

Some things still I don’t even try to understand but as part of living in an Arab country it doesn’t hurt to educate oneself.

Some will be happy, some will be sad. Happy, for the time of fasting is over and a breath of new beginning for all our Muslim brothers. As for us, non-Muslims, we’ll be missing the slow and short working hours of Ramadan.

Before starting our regular working schedules, it’s time to reboot. Pack your bags and go on a holiday. It’s Eid! Or maybe not, like me, I don’t want to join the raging swarm of holiday buzzers going to Dubai or out of the country. I will stay put and find things to do in this quiet suburban place- watch movies, go shopping at the local malls, order take-outs, go fishing or swimming. So much to do and alas, so little time.

Whatever you had planned this Eid, just enjoy and have fun!

Eid Mubarak to all!


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