Something Free


Funny how today I dream about people getting some things for free.

In my dream, the people were hurrying and got small pots of cactus plants and as I approach the area, I saw that the plants were not good. Flowers that’s were pretty but wilted and without scent and some other weird looking plants. I didn’t take any.

As I turned around, the area became a small shop and the caretaker said that the owner was closing shop and wants to give all the items for free. I was ecstatic. I started to choose things for my kids. A basketball ring with stand for my son. Some nice stuff for my daughters. I saw some roller blades and knee pads and thought of trying to learn how to use them. I hurried out the store to tell my family but left the stuff. I didn’t take any.

This morning, I received a call. They even know my name. “You won AED 200,000 in Etisalat’s Lucky Draw” I was stunned. “Call back this number and we’ll tell you how to claim your prize” Then reality comes back. I didn’t call. Instead, I reported the number to Etisalat. It’s believe its a SCAM. A colleague told me that once you call the number that they gave you with your mobile, you will loose your load.

Then I remembered my dream. It’s the cacti and free goods that I didn’t take.

In this life, something that is free is hard to believe.  You will receive hundreds of emails or even SMS telling you that you won millions.  That you need to send money in order to claim the money. A lot of people have been victimized hoping to get this big prize. Because they need it. Because they want it.

Don’t  be a victim.  People like this prey on people’s hopes and dreams.

Earn your keep.  BE SCAM SMART. Help others by reporting these schemes to the authorities. Blog about it. You can save other people from making a terrible mistake.





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