Office bullies- what to do?


I may not be an expert on this subject but I have seen a fair share of bullies. Whether you are young or old, bullies come in different shapes and sizes.

How to identify them?

The bully always makes his presence known. He lacks attention and seeks it from others. He is usually conceited and wants all the spotlight to himself. 

A bully is typically arrogant and wants to show off. He has nothing good to say about you. “You’re fat! What did you do? Or Urghh that dress is ugly!” He loves talking about himself. Me, myself & I is usually the beginning of his sentence. He basks in his own glory and being.

Bullies do not inspire you to do a better job. They often dig for your mistakes and make it known to others. An office bully usually scolds the employee in front of other employees or wait for other people just to show off. Bullies do not listen nor accept their mistakes. They usually cover their insecurities with arrogance and ill- nature. They are not capable of productivity and team work.

Bullies are liers! I didn’t do that!” “I didn’t say that!” are their famous lines. They hide behind the truth and puts another person in trouble.

How to deal with bullies at the office?

  1. Take away their power by ignoring them. Bullies are exultant specially when they see that you are defeated. Do not give them this pleasure.  Walk away. You don’t need his stupid nonsense inside your head.
  2. Fight back! Show that you are stronger and tougher. In the jungle, the predators prey on the weak. Bullies are the same. Do not show any sign of weakness. You have to stand your ground.
  3. Prove them wrong! Your only weapon is the truth. Be strong and state the facts. 

Bullies are here to stay whether we like it or not. You just have to deal with it because that’s life. Just be the better person.



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