Bitstrips Mania!

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There’s a new craze on Facebook- Bitstrips!

It’s fun to do role playing and putting yourself and your Facebook friends in funny situations.  Test your creativity by creating your own caricature. Facial, body and hand expressions are changeable.  Enjoy putting your wits on your very own comic strip.  Make a personalized comic greeting cards for your family and friends.

Anybody who will be annoyed by this app really don’t have a sense of humor.

Start your Bitstrip today! Enjoy!


Hit that panic button!


Life is a lot more complicated now than it was few years ago. There are more things to be stressed about now than before. You don’t agree then read on.

Things that people say nowadays when they panic:
1. Where’s the @$! remote?!
2. Oh my God, my phone is low batt!
3. No electricity? Noooo!
4. No WiFi? Noooo!
5. No (mobile) signal? Oh nooo!
6. I can’t wash! The washing machine is broken!
7. How do I reheat my food now without the microwave?!
8. My TV is not flat!!
9. My mobile doesn’t have WiFi!
10. I don’t have android!
11. Where’s my tablet?! I need to go to the toilet!
12. Download speed at 128 kbps! Nooo!
13. No Internet connection?! Nooo!
14. I don’t have Apple!
15. No Facebook? Oh nooo!
16. No Twitter? Nooo!
17. No Skype? oh nooo!

Things that people think they can’t live without:

  1. Smart phones (plural not singular)
  2. Tablet PC
  3. Apple products
  4. Social media-Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  5. Internet and WiFi connection
  6. Big flat TV
  7. Bluetooth
  8. Android and iOS games and apps
  9. Messenger apps- Skype, WeChat, etc.
  10. Microwave and washing machine
  11. Remote controls
  12. Wireless mouse and keyboard
  13. Xbox and PSP
  14. Printer and scanner
  15. Google

What people do unconsciously and consciously:

  1. Use their mobile phone as a computer mouse.
  2. Wake up and checks their email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. even before going out of their beds.
  3. Touch the screen of their TV monitor to swipe it.
  4. Swipe the screen of an old Nokia model.
  5. Bring their tablet PC to the toilet when they p??p.
  6. Watch a rerun of a TV series after watching it only yesterday.
  7. Type long SMS on a free-to-call wifi app.
  8. Insert a micro SD in a USB port.

asp_adventure_mp_mainimage_Technology, supposedly, should make our lives easier and not complicated.  Take a time out and turn off your mobile, your TV, your tablet and go hiking, swimming, or mountain hiking.

Take a techno detox now!

Virtual mom

Being a mom of 3 is really not that easy, specially when I consider myself to be a “virtual mom”.

I am 4,500 miles away from home. It’s not by choice but I was forced by my economic situation. So how do I go about being a virtual mom?

ImageLuckily, there are so many ways and communication is the key. Being in touch with my kids is as essential as breathing. It is important to continuously engage with them. Nowadays, long distance communication is different from what it was decades ago. You can forego the snail mail and expensive telephone bills.

Communication is made easy via the internet. Social media apps that I use like Skype, Facebook, Twitter and WeChat , just to name a few, are easy to use, fast and economical.

Now, communication is not only limited to text or voice but also photos and videos are easily shared.  I can talk to my kids anytime and anywhere (where WiFi is available of course). They share their photos, thoughts and likes on their Facebook page. ImageEven my 6-year old son knows how to use the latest technology which really amazes me.

It’s really different seeing them grow online day by day. It’s not that I do not worry  about losing our precious moments together but our distance apart gave me a chance to see my kids from a different perspective, to value and appreciate them more and making it a point to give time to talk to them, see them and listen to them.  I feel they are expressing themselves a lot easier over the net.

Nothing beats being with my kids but thanks to the new technologies available, being a virtual mom is a task made easy!