The anger inside

What makes you angry?  What makes you explode? How do you deal with anger?

We are only human and anger is one of the many emotions that you will feel. It is normal to feel angry. What is not normal is the action you take when you want to release that anger.

ImageHonestly, at the end of the day, you will always feel sorry when you blast your anger.  I was an angry person. I felt misunderstood. I felt betrayed, disappointed and depressed. I cried. I threw and destroyed stuff. I tend to be violent at times with myself and the person who I am angry with. It was not normal..That was the old me.

Sometime to cure one’s anger, one must be able to forgive oneself and the other.

1,2,3,4,5….. Counting helps, of course. It means stepping back and looking at the situation first. Understand what made you upset. The first step is to identify what triggers your anger. Identifying them means you will be able to avoid them. Knowing what makes you angry gives you a chance to know how to react.

When you feel angry,  you begin to turn red (not green like the hulk). Red means stop. Be silent! Breathe and relax.  Take that brief moment to calm yourself. Anger makes your judgement clouded and one-sided.  Anger vs. anger won’t work. Both sides will never understand. Image When you are both calm, that’s the time to discuss. Be silent when you are angry, let it sleep for awhile.

I have learned this the hard way. I kept my anger bottled inside me for a very long time. I took tabs of the wrong doings against me. It wasn’t doing me any good. I felt upset even with only petty things. My anger was triggered easily because I kept it always in my mind and in my heart. And then I found a release, I learned to forgive others and myself for my shortcomings.  Forgiveness cures anger.

I hope this will help you deal with your anger. Prayer helps a lot too. Turn your enemies into friends. Turn your anger into love. Be forgiving and you shall be forgiven.