His Royal Sharpness


Believe  me when I say, I am not into endorsements. I have lately taken a liking of buying things online since it’s more convenient (and I am lazy to go out) but not necessarily practical. It is still better to buy what you can actually see in the stores or probably have been highly recommended by your family and friends.

I recently bought a set of Pro V Contour Knives (as seen on TV) on Souq.com but returned it only after 3 days. I took out 3 knives (paring, fillet and steak knives) which I think I will use regularly. Surprisingly, these “stainless steel” knives start to rust.

item_XL_4702964_1322707I learned my lesson well. Before you buy anything online, make it a habit to check the product reviews. You will find loads of reviews online. The best reviews, of course, are from the buyers themselves who made home videos while showing you how they test the product. Souq did a great job, by the way, with their customer service. I got a refund 2 days after they picked up the item.

Now, I still have my knife problem unsolved. I believe that every home needs a good set of knives.

Ceramic_Knife_and_Peeler_Set_Red__03991.1375162383.1280.1280 Ding! I remembered receiving from a very dear friend (who will remain anonymous in this blog) a Kyocera ceramic set for my birthday last May- a knife and a peeler. I didn’t want to use them because it really looked fancy and dainty and I didn’t want to break them.

Looking at my veggies for salad on the left and a dull old knife on the right, I decided to try out the ceramic knife for the first time.  OMG! It was amazing. It was very sharp and you do not need too much effort. I was in a slicing frenzy!  For the first time ever, I was happy to slice anything in the kitchen. I even tried to fillet a fish with it.

After washing the knife, I looked at it and carefully returned it to the box and kept it like a treasure. I highly recommend to you these ceramic knives. I even see them being used in Junior Masterchef Australia- by kids. It comes in different colors and sizes too. The knife grip is also engineered to the natural contour of your hand.

This is officially my first ever endorsement!