Surviving the crazy 8

Flying Emirates

Flying non-stop with Emirates

Long and gruesome eight hour non-stop, economy flight!  I am definitely far away from home. Let me share with you some of my travelling tricks.  Here are some of my very own helpful tips in surviving an 8-hour long  journey:

Arriving early 

When the airline company advised that you come 3 hours before your flight, they are not kidding. Your stress begins when you arrive late at the airport. Begin a stress-free travel by arriving early at the airport. That extra time is what you usually need to make your last minute shopping.

Fly light

I usually sent my stuff by sea cargo before I go on my annual vacation. You will have less hassle pulling and carrying such a heavy load. Hand carry weight limit is usually 7 kilos. Picture this, hassle free duty free 7 kg shopping spree!

Choosing your seat

Emirates Economy

Front row seats!

Aisle or window seat? It doesn’t matter, as long as you sit where you feel comfortable. As for me, I like the mid-plane, 2-seater, first row, window seat. For economy flights, you might get charged extra to choose your seat, but it’s all worth it. There is lesser noise and vibration as you go further from the rear of the plane.  First row means there’s nothing in front of you, therefore, more leg room.

Remove all clutter!

Airplanes are built with overhead compartments to store your stuff.  Economy spaces are usually small so removing most of your hand carries (except your valuables) can do wonders. You needed that “extra” space for something else and also as the flight attendant will tell you its also for your own safety.

Eat and drink moderately

Frequent bathroom trips are annoying not only to you but to other passengers as well. You cannot stay as long as you want in the lavatory since most of the time there’s a queue.

Entertain yourself

When you travel alone, you need to think of ways to keep yourself entertained during the flight. Talking with your seatmate, reading books or magazines, listen to music, playing games on your iPad, or watching movies or TV shows on the seat monitors are some of the few things you can do. I like reading the in-flight shopping magazine.


The art of sleeping


You cannot keep on watching or reading for most part of your 8-hour trip. You will sleep eventually. This is the trickiest part of the trip. Some people like myself cannot just sleep easily while sitting.  I needed more pillows. One on my lower back, one on under my face or neck and one that I can embrace. There are many products available now that are light weight and can help you find that comfortable sleeping position.

Stay fit

It’s not good for your body if you keep yourself seated for 8 hours. Stretching and walking along the isle can give you the much needed body work out even while on the air.  Just make sure that you do not disturb other passengers when you do this or do your walking when the flight attendants are serving drinks and meals.

Air shots

Flying has it perks. Just look at these amazing photos that I took using my digital camera and iPod. This is an opportunity that you should not miss- seeing the world below you, those beautiful and enchanting clouds, or the dawning of the sun.

Amateur photo 1

Cloud funnel above Hong Kong

Cloud funnel above Hong Kong

Amateur photo 2

Zoom in on this amazing cloud funnel

Zoom in on this amazing cloud funnel

Amateur photo 3

Right above India

Right above India

Amateur photo 4

Passing above India.

Passing above India

Amateur photo 5

Fluffy clouds. Do you see the land below?

Fluffy clouds. Do you see the land below?

Amateur photo 6

Amateur photo by NetWits

I like looking at the clouds below

Amateur photo 7

Amateur photo by NetWits

Carpet of clouds

Amateur photo 8

Amateur photo by NetWits

Blue horizon above the clouds

Amateur photo 9

Amateur photo by NetWits

Sea of clouds

Amateur photo 10

Amateur photo by NetWits

When the day meets the night

Amateur photo 11

Amateur photo by NetWits