Addicted to TV


I’m an addict.

I don’t use to be and there’s no rehabilitation for this kind of addiction. I used to say TV was such a waste of time until I went on vacation this year. I was caught unaware. I didn’t expect to love it.

Sitting with my family in our living room, we often spend hours chit chatting. More often during dinner time, there was a monogamous use of the television. It was the same channel everyday and the same line-up of TV series. At first, I use to go up to my room to avoid the drama happening downstairs when these series starts to air.  Anyway, I got bored and decided to join the family. I was curious to know why they usually hurry home just to catch these TV series. I told them they can just watch it online anyway. They were fanatics. I was curious to know why.

My curiosity was my undoing now that I’m hooked. I guess here are some reasons why we become addicted to television:

1. People are bored and want to be entertained. TV provides a variety of programs. If you are tired with your computer, the next easiest option is to watch TV.

2. People are curious. Like me, I really was curious why even my 7-year old son can tell me in full detail what happened in the last episode. Also, we are always very eager to know what happens next.

3.  People are naturally emotional. TV series are always successful in stirring one’s emotions- love, hate, sorrow, fear, happiness.

You can add more to my list but there’s only one thing we all hate in television- COMMERCIALS!

Enjoy watching!