7 years have passed and I still remember that time when I arrived in Dubai. It was on a Wednesday. My friend picked me up from the airport. Seeing Dubai for the first time, I was amazed at how beautiful and clean it was. Summer has not started so the hot weather was still bearable. My friend was briefing me in the car and the night after that and the following day. I was here to look for a job. She was telling me about the norms here. “Do this, not that” she said.

Then she told me, “..we are off every Friday..” What?! Not Saturday and Sunday? It was a complete paradigm shift for me from the clothes I should wear, the food that I will eat, the people from different nationalities who I will work with, and now, even my weekend has changed.

First question that popped out of my head was why? Friday was a day of peace and mercy for the Muslims. It’s a day of rest and prayer. That’s why. Although, most of the companies in Dubai have 2 days off- Friday and Saturday. I only got Friday maybe because I wasn’t working in Dubai ( just joking).

The day of the week starts on a Saturday (which I have to remind myself every time). At least, I will not have Monday sickness anymore.  My first day at work was on a Saturday. It was my birthday. I was too much excited to start my new adventure in a new country. All went well then Thursday came. My colleagues asked me what I will do on my weekend. Frankly, I didn’t know what to say. What do they usually here on Fridays?

They said go to the mall, swim at the corniche, eat out, watch a movie, go to Dubai, go to the park, and so on with their endless list. It left me wondering. I work until Thursday night, then if I will go out on Friday and work again from Saturday, when do I get to rest then?Image

Friday can be whatever I want it to be. Do whatever I want. For me, Friday is my “Me Day”. A day I can choose not to do anything or a day to do whatever I want when I want it. It is my day.

Thank God it’s Friday!