A new beginning


There comes a time in our lives

When you feel tired and worn out

You feel stagnant and unimportant

When everything seems to fall apart

When you feel so down

Even when everything is fine

The days are passing by

And you are still where you are

But not where you wanted to be


There comes a time in our lives

When you feel older day by day

As you look in the mirror

The person staring back at you

Is never the same

When dreams feel shattered

Success is out of reach

When friends seem to come and go

To live their happy lives

And you are still where you are

But not where you wanted to be


All the while, all that you ever wanted was a new beginning!


Saving for a rainy day

SaveAs they say, when it rains, it pours.

Usually, when a sentence starts with “We need..” or “I need..”, it’s something that you have to take seriously.  “Need” is a very strong word. The only problem is money doesn’t grow in trees.

Nowadays, saving money is rather difficult. When you are spending more than you earn, you end up with no money at all. If you think you have no control over your expenditures then think again.

Differentiate between a want and a need.

For example, if you will purchase a mobile. Do you want to purchase a smart phone at a higher price or you can buy any phone which can perform your basic mobile needs- call and send SMS?  If you do not need to spend a lot of money on a mobile phone, then don’t.  Same goes with eating out and ordering take-outs. Eating out is great if done occasionally. It is still a lot cheaper and healthier to cook your meals at home. On branded items, do you really need to buy Chanel, Dolce, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Versace?  You can buy non-branded products with the same effect. Note that with these high-end brands, you buy the name not just the product.


Spend only for what you need. It’s that simple.


Those extra pennies and loose cents that you save will be useful when you need it the most.

Mi primer amor

“She fell in love when she was a young girl. Her husband knows that her feelings for this boy she never knew will never go away. She still hides his picture in her wallet. He envied the boy. She left her wallet one day in the closet. He cannot help himself and took the photo. He cried after seeing the boy. That boy was all the while the husband of his wife.”


Every one has a first love. Who can forget that first glitter in your eyes, that rose blush on your cheeks, and that feeling of warmth and butterflies in your stomach. Love is a wonderful thing. You will never ever forget your first love. In essence, it was not the boy or girl who you couldn’t forget but that amazing feeling that you felt. A great sense of euphoria.

If you still remember that feeling, cherish it and keep the love in your heart alive!


The “D” word

Image Depression, dejection, desperation, desolation, discouragement, distress..

There are so many words that defines depression. Depression is a product of rejection. We feel depressed when we do not feel that we are wanted, that we are important or that our opinions matter. Depression feels the same no matter what is the cause- breakups, heartaches, failing grades, losing your job, having no money, falling out of love, betrayal and so on.

Usually, I find that people are more depressed when they have more time to think alone. It’s during this time that one reflects on his life and finds it easier to think about the negative things that is happening.

Also, when someone tries so hard to look so cheerful, deep down there’s a reason behind that smile. It’s one’s way to hide his sadness and emptiness.

Think for a second. Your depression is 90% caused by the people around you. You feel bad when your friends tell you that your dress is ugly or that you are fat. You feel depressed when your loved one does not care about you. You feel sad when you didn’t receive that well deserved salary increase or promotion. You feel upset when your boss tells you to shut up and keep your thoughts to yourself. You feel angry when your parents love your brother more than you.

You are NOT the cause of your depression.

In the end, it all comes down to YOU. Don’t let OTHERS put you DOWN. When you’re on the ground, pull yourself UP.  You are better than the situation that bothers you. Give yourself a break and keep your head up! ACCEPT that LIFE is NOT PERFECT. ImageThings not always happen the way that we want it to.

Life does not get any easier, you just got stronger!